By: Kate Bigum Kaput

Jason Quinlan is the first chef in the restaurant’s history to not be a member of the family.
Some chefs might be intimidated by the idea of becoming the first non-relative to take over the kitchen at a third-generation, family-owned restaurant, but Jason Quinlan is up for the challenge.

In October, Quinlan took over as executive chef at Der Braumeister, the 38-year-old German mainstay in West Park. His predecessor, Linda Hoertz — daughter of the founding owners and mother of current owner Jenn Wirtz — had manned the kitchen since 1985. Now, Hoertz has formally handed over the reins to the kitchen and is working closely with Quinlan as he modernizes existing dishes and creates new ones.

“She’d never had someone to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with, and for a long time, I didn’t either,” says Quinlan, who most recently worked as the executive chef of Marigold Catering. “Now, she’ll explain how she would do a dish, then I’ll add a little touch to elevate it. It all just works.” We go inside Quinlan’s background, what changes you might see and which dishes are just too good to mess with.

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