DER BRAUMEISTER  |  13046 Lorain Avenue  |  Cleveland OH 44111  |  216-671-6220

$10 SATURDAY (11am-3pm) & SUNDAY (10-4pm) BRUNCH Plates: (Click Here For One Page Menu)

*All Brunch items served with butter & bread & jelly, Home fries or Fresh Fruit

Eggs Benedict: English muffins topped with Bavarian ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce

Eggs Florentine: English muffins topped with spinach, poached eggs and dusseldorf-hollandaise sauce

Salmon Benedict: English muffins, smoked salmon, poached eggs & lemon-caper-hollandaise sauce

Crepes: Two filled with seasonal jam, dusted with powdered sugar

Apfel-Cake Fritter: Fluffy pancakes with green apples, maple syrup and powdered sugar

German Frühstück (Breakfast) Plate: Weisswurst or knackwurst, potato rösti, and two cooked eggs

Stuffed French Toast: Challah bread deep fried in a cinnamon batter, stuffed w/nutella, topped with banana

Muesli & yogurt (only $8, not $10): Grains, rolled oats, nuts, seeds, greek yogurt, seasonal fruit, honey


Kartoffeln (Potatoes): French fries, home fries, spätzle & gravy, mashed potato & gravy, cheese spätzle

Meat: Bratwurst, knackwurst, german frank, weisswurst, (4) bacon slices

$8 SANDWICHES: pick one side: french fries, german potato-bacon salad, potato soup, or garden salad

Bavarian Pretzel Sandwich or Wrap:  topped with swiss cheese, flatbread wrap, lettuce, tomato, 
Bavarian ham & german mustard OR 
Turkey & creamy horseradish sauce OR 
Sauerkraut (vegetarian) & creamy dill sauce OR
Grilled Chicken Breast & german mustard

Cheese Burger or Veggie Burger: ground beef Ohio burger served topped with cheddar OR house made veggie burger topped with cheddar, served with German-bacon potato salad salad or french fries

Cheddar Melt: turkey OR roast beef, or sauerkraut, on local euro-bread, horseradish sauce smear, melted cheddar cheese

Sausage Sandwich: pick a sausage (Weisswurst, German Frank, Knackwurst, or Bratwurst, Vegan Dog) topped with sauerkraut (classic, spicy, or apple-bacon), side of mustard & pickles

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.