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We offer the largest and best selection of imported and craft beers in Cleveland!


Germany has the oldest brewing culture in the world. A pilsner is actually a lager from the Czech Republic in a town called Plzen. The main difference between a lager and a pilsner is the higher hops in pilsners and the difference in yeast used. That means that a Pilsner is really just a spicier and more hop flavored Lager.

When you want a German Pilsner beer, this is the gold standard. Slightly hoppier, so it is a bit more bitter than one thinks a pilsner should be, but this is a favorite beer throughout Bitburg and western Germany. The US imports over a million barrels of this pilsner beer every year!

A True Dortmunder classic that is named simply from its origin in Dortmund, Germany. Dortmund was made capital of the Rhine-Westphalian and Netherlands Circle and part of the Medieval Hansa traders guild! This particular brew was founded in 1868 and continues to be a classic light lager that anyone will enjoy.

Hofbrau’s original German lager beer is a golden yellow that is full-bodied and slightly malted. Imported from Germany, this authentic and classic lager is a must-try.

With a taste that’s similar to Heineken and St Pauli Girl, the Spaten is a pale lager beer with slight bitterness from the hops that carries an aftertaste that pairs perfectly with our Potato Pancake Reuben. Enjoy it for only $3 during our Cleveland Happy Hour at the bar or on the patio! 

Here in Cleveland, Warsteiner is a German Pilsner known through the land. Its crisp hops is a refreshing choice for a hot summer day on our patio. It is a Cleveland Happy Hour favorite beer pick for only $3. 

A German Radler Beer is the perfect brunch or happy hour daytime drinking brew. Half grapefruit and half lager, it has a low ABV, but a shot of gin or vodka will make this a special beer cocktail!

A true and tried light lager that follows the old Bavarian Purity Laws of 1516 (meaning fillers or addons), this brew features pure hops, barley and wheat. A touch of floral and grassy hops make this a great beer to pair with any southern Germany dish- like our Schnitzel!

A little spice and hoppiness make this German Pilsner beer a refreshing quencher. A medium bodied beer that comes from a tallboy to pour a perfect half liter. The city of Konigsberg is part of Hansa Proper, a group of medieval merchants that formed a powerful trader guild.

This is as close as we get to Budweiser and that actually tastes better than Budweiser! It’s our true and tested hair of the dog with no before or after taste. A top fermented beer that has been brewed in Cologne, Germany since 1894.

This pilsner is a unique beer from the north of Germany because not only is it a rare beer to find, but additionally, Der Braumeister Restaurant in Cleveland is the only bar in Cleveland to carry this beer! Served from a glass bottle with a ceramic flip-top, this is a beer that is worth it’s packaging alone!


Also known as Hefeweizen, a German wheat beer from Bavaria, Germany, Hefe is German for “yeast” and weizen means “wheat”, literally translating to an unfiltered wheat beer with yeast.

Arguably one of the world’s best beers. This doppelbock wheat tastes of typical Munich yeast; banana and yeast. With a slight taste of chocolate beer and spicy finish, it pairs perfectly with our Sauerbraten!

This original wheat beer’s brewing permission was granted by King Ludwig in 1850. It is an unfiltered wheat beer, golden in color with aromas of banana and cloves, it tastes both fruity and spicy.

Brewed in collaboration with a renowned brewery in Munich, Germany, and praised cicerone, Garrett Oliver makes one of Germany’s most celebrated wheat beers. This wheat beer is exclusive to Der Braumeister Restaurant. Cleveland’s favorite beer bar has unfiltered wheat that contains a slight hop, unlike most classic wheat brewed in the area. Try this beer with our Goulash and lean into the spice! 

Originally offered at Germany’s Munich Oktoberfest, this is one of the few organic beers that we carry.  It is slightly citrus from aged hops, and a bright and refreshing wheat beer – one of many on our Cleveland’s best beer list!

A German wheat beer that tastes of peach and clove with a soft mouth finish. It is a western German beer that offers something different from the many Bavarian beers we carry.

Often considered a Radler because it combines wheat beer and grapefruit juice, it’s sweet, unfiltered and crisp. Perfect to drink on any Cleveland summer day – especially on our patio!

The Kloster Brewery is located in the North Mountains of Bavaria and run by the monks of the Andechs Abbey, a Benedictine Abbey. One of Germany’s oldest breweries founded in 1455, we are one of the only German Cleveland restaurants to serve this special beer. It is a braumeister bier with flavors similar to other dark weissbier from Munich, but sweeter than most. A perfect pairing with our Cherry Strudel!


Most popular in Leipzig, Germany, the Gose is a warm fermented beer that originated from Goslar, Germany. Usually brewed with at least 50% of the grain bill being malted wheat, the dominant flavors include lemon sourness, herbal characteristics and strong saltiness.

Originating from Leipzig, Germany, it tastes of coriander and sea salt. A fermented beer that’s composed of 60% wheat and 40% barley malt, we recommend trying this with our Der Brau burger. One of the favorites on our Cleveland’s best beer list!


German for “dark”, Dunkel beers typically range in color from amber to dark reddish brown. Characterized by their smooth malty flavor, they are a stronger type of German Lager. Several substyles includes Maibock, a paler, more hopped version most popular at outdoor spring festivals; Dopplebock, a stronger and maltier version; Weizenbock, made up of 40-60% wheat and Eisbock, one of the strongest, made by partially freezing the beer.

An award winning doppelbock beer it tastes of velvet roasted malts and hints of dried fruits. It’s a year round brewed Ayinger and a staple within their portfolio. Unlike other doppelbock beers, Celebrator has very little residual sugar.

Get this beer while we have it, because it moves fast! With a dried plum and Viennese coffee taste, it is complex and warming. Try this beer for dessert with our tart Cherry Strudel.

Schwarzbiers, sometimes called black lagers, are drier and darker than German dunkels. The brewery located in Bad Kostritz, Germany has been producing schwarz beer for almost 500 years. Comparable to a Guiness Stout.

Hofbrauhaus literally means the “the court’s brewhouse” and is one of the largest breweries in Bavaria. Our kegs are imported from Minuch, Germany and its dunkel lager beer is a bottom fermented brew that tastes of subtle malts, hoppiness and a slight roasted aftertaste. Only $3 during Happy Hour! 

Weihenstephan is the world’s oldest brewery and also home to the world’s best brewing school. Korbinian is a perfect dark bock beer that has won the best doppelbock in Germany at the World of Beer Awards. This is a perfect beer to pair with our Der Brau Burger or our brunch Breakfast Sandwich.

Warsteiner Dunkel is a staple dark German beer. It is not bitter and tastes of coffee, malts, and even chocolate beer. This beer is available at Cleveland’s Best Happy Hour for only $3.

This German doppelbock dark beer is rich and full bodied with slight caramel sweetness. Very low carbonation makes it a great warmer for winter nights or the perfect pairing with our salty homemade Fries or our big, buttery and salted Bavarian Pretzel.

Continuously voted, This doppelbock is one of the nest beers in the world, and we couldn’t agree more. This beer is exclusive to Der Braumeister Restaurant, Cleveland’s best German Restaurant! It is a burnt orange color and tastes similar to fine orange sherry. Try this bock with our landjager platter to start your meal off right!


Highly carbonated, fruit, spicy and often bottle conditioned, the Saison is a pale ale that includes several varieties. Generally classified as a farmhouse ale, named after the ancient European farming tradition where they brewed beer from their own grain.

Hailing from the famous Monk’s Cafe in Philadelphia, its light tartness gives way to a nice cotton-candy, creamy body and a sweet finish. A nice compliment to any of our desserts or appetizers!

Produced on a working farm in Belgium, this is a truly rustic country beer that keeps alive the tradition of honest, artisanal brewing. Bursting with earthy, spicy and delicate fruity flavors, this beer fits the classic Saison profile to a tee.

A Belgian Quad that offers notes of caramel and delectable dry chocolate. Additionally, this nitro can pour tastes a roasted coffee flavor, hence its “barista” name. Once Kasteel was a prominent force in the Belgian beer market, but it was pulled for rebranding and has since been reintroduced in nitro cans. Pair this with our goulash dinner!

A Belgian fruit beer, but this is not to be mistaken as a lambic. This brew is a sour Flanders Oud Bruin. The fresh cherries are matured in each barrel to give a fruit punch taste. Try pairing this dish with our beet salad. The creamy cambozola’s blue bitter taste provides a bigger punch with the tart raspberry drink.


Blonde Ales, also known as Golden Ales, is a medium ale that has moderate bitterness and maltiness. A “Tripel” is made with 3x the malt and has a higher ABV.

This unfiltered, blond beer is pleasantly fruity, spiced with coriander and has a mild taste of hops. An easy drinking beer, it embodies ‘the sun in a glass’ with its splendidly intense golden-yellow colour, and creamy collar of froth and herbal/citrus aromas.

A pale abbey beer, with a full, sunny, golden colour. It has a smooth and full bodied taste and a rich creamy head. Like all the Leffe beers, it is a ’connoisseur’ beer that is always easy to drink.

A traditional Belgian abbey beer with a deep brown color and a full, sweet and fruity aroma, it’s best paired with chocolate and beef and also goes great with buttery style cheeses. We recommend pairing with our house-made Charcuterie Board.

First brewed in 1966 by Rev. Father Theodore, it was his final contribution to the Chimay line of beers. With a typical golden color, a slightly hazy appearance topped with a fine foam that releases a bouquet of fruity esters and floral-hop aromas, this is an ideal patio-drinking beer.

First launched in 1948 as a Christmas ale under the name “Blue Cap”, its reputation as a strong ale of the highest quality led to its year-round production. It’s remarkably dry with a hint of sweetness that’s derived from the highest quality of malts. Flavors of dates, fig and pear are complemented by aromas of bread with a faint floral finish.

The oldest of the Chimay beers, it’s a timeless classic and sweet harmony in a glass. Its mildly floral notes mix perfectly with a spicy pepper and clove. The sweet, dark fruity finish features a touch of chocolate and caramel.

Brewed 25 years after the premier of the Gulden Draak, one of the most successful beers in the U.S., the Guldren Draak 9000 is an exceptional beer with a complex taste sensation. Featuring 3 varieties of malt, it has a deep rich amber color with a smooth and malty-sweet taste and wonderfully accomplished finishing bouquet.

Brewed by women and for women! Proceeds of sales go toward breast cancer research. Sparkling carbonate content produces a soft, full taste perception. The taste is very full-bodied and is balanced with fruity tones of apple and Chardonnay grapes. Deliria has a fine, mild bitterness in its aftertaste and a splendid, round feel in the mouth which evolves well.

Special beer brewed once a year to mark International Women’s Day.


A dark, top-fermented beer, Stouts have a number of variations including dry stout, oatmeal stout, milk stout and imperial stout. Dating back to 1677 it’s noted as not just a strong beer but a dark beer. Ciders are sweeter brews, fermented from apples and have no malt or hops.

A lightly sparkling, elegant dry cider with a soft fragrant nose and earthy apple notes that captures the essence of an orchard. Best paired with pork, chili or cheesy dishes, like our Schnitzel or Kassler Rippchen!

A refreshing blush-colored cider that features a subtle blackberry aroma with a hint of traditional cider apple. It has a smooth, silky and refreshing palate that beautifully balances sweetness and acidity.

Still brewed with water from a Well that was first sunk over 250 years ago in the Yorkshire countryside, this Nut Brown Ale is a rich tipple with roasted accents, infused with hints of pecan and toffee. A wonderfully drinkable, exceptionally tasty brew, the Nut Brown Ale is also Vegan-friendly and suitable for any occasion!

Another Vegan-friendly option from Samuel Smith and similarly brewed, its fermentation creates an almost opaque, wonderfully silky and smooth textured ale with a complex medium dry palate and bittersweet finish.

More than 100 years after founder J.C. Jacobsen mastered the art of Pilsner brewing, the perfectly balanced Danish Pilsner is a wonderfully crisp and refreshing brew with a full flavor and a distinctive, hoppy aroma.

AMERICAN CRAFT (Ciders, Wheats, Stouts)

Brewed with 100% Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest and named after the Two Hearted River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, this IPA is bursting with hop aromas ranging from pine to grapefruit, this beer is remarkably drinkable and well suited for any Happy Hour.

A deep, dark Imperial Stout, The Abyss features hints of molasses, licorice and other alluring flavors that make it something not just to quaff, but contemplate.

Handcrafted in Holland, Michigan. This delicious brew contains 11% ABV and features roasted malt that offers coffee and chocolate flavors. Brewing experts age this New Holland Dragon’s Milk beer in bourbon barrels for three months, giving it sweet undertones of vanilla and oak.

During periods of fasting without solid foods, Monastic brewers relied on the Double Bock to fulfill their basic nutritional needs. This Double Bock has an intense malt aroma and thick, chewy body that provides warmth and nourishment all throughout the year, and a crowd favorite on our extensive beer list!

Brewed as an homage to the bees, which are imperative for pollinating the new blossoms on fruit trees in the spring, this brew features fresh apple and honeysuckle aroma that finishes crisp with just a hint of sweetness from the local honey. A perfect brew for any Cleveland spring or summer day.

DRAFT (Howlers, Growlers, and to-go draft pours of beers are available online and in-store!)

Brewed with pale, munich and caramunich malts along with Kent Goldings hops, this rich, smooth and well-balanced ale give off aromas of chocolate and holiday spices, giving you a full flavor of malt with a long and lingering finish of slight tartness.

Brewed exclusively for the Christmas and new year holidays by one of the oldest breweries in Belgium, the dark style beer has a superb warm copper/red color with multiple potent aromas of dark fruit, apricot, caramel malt, sweet cherry, cinnamon and clove with notes of vanilla, apple, banana and yeast.

If you”re not yet in the Holiday Spirit, this dark ale brewed by one of the more popular breweries in Belgium will get you there. Full of wintry, seasonal flavors, this is full on Christmas in a glass. 

This brews malts are specially kilned using oak wood and then matured for months in the cellars of a 14th century brewery. With smooth and multi-layered smokey notes, this complex double bock is paired w/multifaceted bitterness of the finest hallertau aroma hops, making it an extra special treat for smoke beer lovers.

Brewed with Texas peaches and roasted pecans, this Bavarian-style dark Wheat Ale’s malt flavors are enhanced through the use of barley and wheat while the Krausening ensures a smoothness that makes the subtle flavors of peach and pecan all the more satisfying

With hints of pecans and cherries this porter is as flavorful as one of the most flavorful holiday pastry that inspired it.

Despite its potency, Scaldis Noël Premium delivers a nicely-rounded character, partly through an attentive blending of roast caramel malts. The hops also appear carefully balanced and dosed, so the beer develops their subtle aroma, alongside its richly fruity taste. Altogether it makes for a bountiful, but pleasingly consistent, drinking experience.

Traditional Duchesse de Bourgogne with Belgian cherries and chocolate essence added during the maturation process in oak casks (foeders). 20 kg of whole Belgian cherries are used in the production of each 100 liters of Chocolate Duchesse Cherry.

When the little animals in Fairyland hibernate, the Achouffe gnomes love to gather in their cottage. By the gentle firelight, they spend long evenings telling the best Ardennes stories while enjoying a delicious N’Ice CHOUFFE. Smooth and strong, with spicy notes of thyme and Curacao, this dark beer warms…

With its rich malty sweetness, this beer starts off fruity and mild. Then ends with a warmth on the palate from the help of bitterness from its hops. Don’t let this beer fool you, it definitely has a very powerful taste.

Brewed only once a year on December 6th, Samichlaus is aged for 10 months before bottling. Serve with hearty robust dishes and desserts, in particular with chocolates, or as an after dinner drink by itself.

Tastes of fresh baked bread, dried fruit and bitter-sweet chocolate.This dark bock beer is as warm and magical as St.Nicolaus himself.

Non Alcoholic beer

Weißbier-Zitrone Alkoholfrei, Paulaner Brauerei, .05 ABV, $5

Krombacher Weizen Alkoholfrei, Krombacher Brauerei, 0.38 ABV, $5

BitDrive, Bitburger Brauerei, 0.5 ABV, $5