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Group Orders To-Go

Feed Your Family, Feed Others

For every $150 of Group Orders purchased, we will donate $10 directly to the Cleveland Food Bank.

Feed your family or group while taking care of those less fortunate!

Dishes to Feed 6-10 people!

“Group Ordering” is available with 24-hour notice! Call: 216-671-6220

Charcuterie  Board (feeds 6-8): $35
Seasonal meats, cheese, house pickles, and toasted rye points

Roasted Beet Salad (feeds 6): $30
Local Greens and beets, pickled red onions, cambozola cheese, whole grain mustard vinaigrette

Chicken Paprikash (feeds 6) Choose from Spätzle or Mash : $65
Amish bone-in chicken (Breasts and Legs meat), paprika rub, braised and topped with paprika and sour cream sauce.

Hungarian Goulash (feeds 6) Choose from Spätzle or Mash: $60
Slow-braised Ohio beef with a zesty tomato bell pepper sauce

Schnitzel (feeds 6) Choose from Spätzle or Mash: $60/pork or chicken, $70/veal
Choice of Chicken, Pork, or Veal Choice of Gravy Thyme or Jager/Mushroom, pounded thin and breaded (gluten-free breading available)

Assortment of Sausages (feeds 6) served with house-made apple-bacon sauerkraut
Beef frankfurter, beer bratwurst, kielbasa, knockwurst, weisswurst

Two Pound Sides $16:
Apple-bacon Kraut, Classic Kraut, German Potato Salad, Maple Carrots, Mashed and Gravy, Roasted Rosemary Potatoes, Spicy Kraut, Spätzle and Gravy

Apple Strudel (8-10 slices): $30
Fresh apples, puff pastry

Cherry Strudel (8-10 slices): $35
Fresh cherries, puff pastry

2021 Catering Menu

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Pierogies: Potato & cheese, ricotta, sauerkraut: Served with sautéed onions and sour cream & German Mustard

Potato Pancakes: Served with sour cream & house apple sauce

Bavarian Pretzels: Served with German mustard & beer cheese

Sauerkraut balls- Classic- hand rolled with Caraway kraut and bavarian ham, served with cocktail sauce and German mustard

Spicy Sauerkraut Balls- hand rolled with spicy sauerkraut and potatoes. (Veg) Served with beer cheese and curry ketchup

European Cheese and Sausage Display: Assorted European cheeses with Artisan sausages, house pickled vegetables, fresh seasonal fruit, crostini, and German mustard


Cucumber Salad: Fresh cucumbers & creamy dill or pickled cucumbers in a vinaigrette over local greens

Local Beet Salad: Local Greens & beets, pickled red onions, goat cheese, orange supremes, whole grain mustard vinaigrette

House salad: Local Greens, cucumber, red onion, cheddar, cherry tomatoes, croutons, balsamic vinaigrette


Chicken Paprikash: Amish Bone-in chicken (breasts and legs), Paprika rub, braised & topped with a paprika and sour cream sauce

Hungarian Goulash: Slow braised Ohio beef with a zesty tomato bell pepper sauce

German Sausages: Assortment of Bratwurst, Knackwurst, German Franks & Weiswurst served over Classic kraut

Schnitzel: Choice of chicken, pork or veal. Choice of thyme or jaeger/mushroom gravy, pounded thin and breaded (gluten free breading available) 

Sauerbraten: Slow braised Ohio beef with burgundy, ginger, and pickling spice marinade, served with a sweet and sour braising reduction

Gershmorter: Roasted Pork Roulade stuffed with German mustard, onions, garlic, Caraway seeds & served with a thyme gravy

Beer Braised Beef Short Ribs: Served with Caraway scented Demi Glaze


House Spaetzle

Rosemary Scented Roasted Potatoes

German Potato Salad

Whipped Potatoes and Gravy

Braised Red Cabbage Or Duck Fat Braised Red Cabbage

Kraut- Spicy,Classic,Or House Apple Bacon

House Apple sauce

Maple Roasted Carrots

Roasted Delicata Squash

Seasonal & Local Roasted Vegetables


Strudel (Cherry or Apple)

Gluten-free Chocolate cake

Cream Puffs

Pricing Half pan (8-10) Full pan (20-24)
Pierogies $60.00 $140.00
Cheese Board $37.00 $85.00
Potato Pancakes $40.00 $96.00
Bavarian Pretzels $32.00 $96.00
Sauerkraut Balls (classic/ham or spicy/potato) $37.50 $80.00
Beet Salad $65.00 $120.00
House Salad $50.00 $100.00
Cucumber Salad $60.00 $115.00
Veal Schnitzel $45 $108
Chicken Schnitzel $40 $96
Pork Schnitzel $35 $84
Roasted Pork $75.00 $140.00
Vegan Brats $80.00 $150.00
Chicken Paprikash $100 $240
Sausages $80.00 $150.00
Goulash $100 $240
Sauerbraten MP MP
Sauerbraten $110.00 $210.00
Braised Short Rib MP MP
Sides per lbs per lbs
German Chocolate $75
(GF) Chocolate Cake $35.00
Black Forest Cake $75
Cream Puffs $40.00
Cherry Strudel $35.00
Apple Strudel $30.00


Backroom seating: max 60 guests, ideally no more than 50 guests

Menu: dinner & off menu creations available, vegan, and vegetarian, breakfast buffet or set menu breakfast meetings also available with one week notice.

Wednesday & Thursday kitchen hours 4pm-9pm
Friday kitchen hours 4pm-10pm
Saturday kitchen hours 10am-10pm
Bar Hours liquor license – per Ohio State Guidelines : 12am
Mondays – Tuesdays available for restaurant takeovers
Breakfast Meetings Wed-Fri : 10am-12pm

Location: Within 5-8 minutes from I-90, I-480, and I-71

Wi-Fi: Free Public Wi-Fi available

Presentations: Large screen, projector and speakers available, podium

Decorations: a range in linens available, special flatware available, floral arrangements are all available upon request and with advance notice

Amenities: private entrance, private bathroom