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Charcuterie Board, $15

Speck (smoked prosciutto) from Recla a family business with deep traditional roots in Alto Adige, 

Alp Blossom- a Raw Milk cheese produced in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, and covered in a combination of dried edible flowers & herbs pulled from the Alpine meadows,

Toasted Baguette from Breadsmith of Lakewood, independently owned and operated by a local husband and wife team, 

Landjäger traditional German-style “hunter” sausage from The Usinger Family that has been making sausage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over 130 years.

*Below is available as part of a 3-course meal on 2/14, then à la carte thereafter*

Gerkin Sashimi with Creme Fraiche Caviar and Starflower Garnish
Thin sliced cucumber pickled in a sweet and sour vinegar, creme fraiche molecularized, garnished with borage

Flädlesuppe in a Vegetable Consommé (vegetarian)
Clarified mushroom stock with rye flour crepes and fresh chives garnish

Schweinshaxe Dumplings & Honey-Dusseldorf Dipping Sauce
Slow roasted pork knuckles, wrapped in wonton wrappers, deep fried, spicy & sweet german mustard sauce


Roasted Duck, Turkish Figs & Porto
Rosemary, ginger, figs, ruby wine, half duck roasted, served with kartoffelklöße (potato dumplings) and sauteed spinach

Rib Eye Steak and Riesling Butter

Ohio beef, grilled, house made butter with added german white wine and shallots, served with käsespätzle and sauteed spinach

Sweet & Savory Knödel

Sweet gala apple pretzel dumplings, savory spinach potato dumplings, on a bed of creamed-nutmeg kraut, and side of maple roasted carrots


German Chocolate Soufflé, $10   Served warm, dark coco, dusted powdered sugar (allow 20 minutes, gluten free)

Cream Puff, $8   Puff pastry, chocolate ganache sauce, house custard filling

Cherry or apple strudel $7,   From fresh apples and/or cherry, served warm, dusted in powdered sugar