by Jenn Wirtz, Der Braumeister Restaurant owner & beer drinker

Despite the forty degree weather, spring has, indeed, arrived. For this third generation German-American that means two things: Maifest, and Maibock. In English that translates to Mayfest and May Beer (what’s not to love about that!).

Maibocks, also called Helles Bocks, are brewed in the winter but aren’t released until late April. These bocks are smooth, sweet, and taste of toasted malts. They have a golden amber color that calls to mind the changing season, and in fact the first maibocks were brewed to celebrate May Day in Germany! Maibocks are lighter in color than a typical bock beer, while retaining the higher traditional ABV.

To celebrate May Day appropriately, some careful planning is in order, as Maibock orders must be placed three months ahead of time. At Der Braumeister, the Maibock of choice is from Hofbräuhaus of Munich, the brewery. Maibocks are thought to have been first brewed in the 1800’s, and legend has it that Hofbräu Brewery created the very first one to help celebrate a Maifest. This beer clocks in at 7.2% ABV, so it won’t take too many to get the ‘spring’ back in your step!

Celebrate Spring with us a Maibock in a half liter mug. Also be on the watch for several American made editions, such as Devil’s Backbone from Virginia, which is a little sweeter. There is even Maibock from Summit Brewing Company in Minnesota, that offers a hop forward bock. Celebrate spring with a German tradition, and prost!