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The Germans celebrate Spring with two things: Beer and Asparagus. Celebrate Restaurant Week with us as we serve up Spargelzeit und Maibock beer! 









Flädlesuppe in a Vegetable Consommé (vegetarian, and gluten free) 

Clairfied mushroom stock with buckwheat crepes and fresh chives garnish 

à la carte pricing $8


Spargel and Beet-Potato Salad 

Roasted asparagus & beets, wilted greens, boiled potato, a sweet & sour – honey and & rice vinegar dressing

à la carte pricing $8


Schweinshaxe Dumplings & Honey-Dusseldorf Dipping Sauce 

Slow roasted pork hocks & spicy kraut, wrapped in wonton wrappers, deep fried, honey-german mustard sauce

à la carte pricing $8



North Atlantic Cod (for gluten free, ask for coconut flour)

Dusted in flour, seared & baked, or broiled, creamy dairy-free tahini caper-lemon sauce, home fries, & roasted asparagus

à la carte pricing $20

*available Friday March 13 and March 20th only*



Rib Eye Steak and Riesling Butter

Ohio beef, grilled, butter with added german white wine and shallots, käsespätzle and sauteed spinach

à la carte pricing $20


Chicken Schnitzel Oscar

Pounded thin, breaded, baked veal topped with asparagus, béarnaise and crab. Cleveland Kraut and spätzle

à la carte pricing $20


Walnut-Spinach Dumplings

Crushed walnuts, mushrooms, fresh spinach, caraway, deep fried, bed of creamy sauerkraut, side of butter maple roasted red-pepper carrots, and grilled asparagus à la carte pricing $19



Mohr Im Hemd 

German chocolate cake, hazelnut flour, dark chocolate (GF) $7


Apple Strudel or Cherry Strudel

House made with fresh fruit, served warm, dusted in powdered sugar $7


Bavarian Cream Torte

Buttercream, honey-roasted nut crunch topping $7


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