Start the New Year’s Eve celebration early with a brunch featuring champagne or chocolate-covered strawberries.

Start the day celebration of last year and a new one to come with brunch! We will serve Big Brunch plates with a complimentary chocolate-covered strawberry or glass of Prosecco!

Champagne is a traditional drink for New Year’s Eve celebrations, so starting the day with a champagne brunch can help get the party started early. 


SATURDAY, January 31st, NYE Brunch 10 am – 2 pm



S A U S A G E S A N D W I C H $ 1 2
Beer bratwurst, kielbasa, or weisswurst,
topped with your choice of cabbage, served
with house fries or salad, curry ketchup or
German mustard.

D E R B R A U B L E N D E D B U R G E R $ 1 5
Ohio Beef and Marinated Cremini
mushrooms (Thyme, Garlic, Asbach Brandy)
Cambozola, Caraway Kraut, Rosemary Aioli,
house fries or salad and curry ketchup.

B R U N C H S C H N I T Z E L $ 1 6
Breaded veal, bacon-scallion spaetzle, fried
egg, pickled onions and dill creme fraiche.

G E R M A N E G G S B E N E D I C T $ 1 3
Rye bread rounds, Bavarian ham, poached
eggs, German mustard Hollandaise, served
with Paprikash hash.

P O T A T O P A N C A K E R U E B E N $ 1 5
Corned beef topped with kraut, melted Swiss
and 1000 island dressing between two potato
pancakes. Served with house fries and curry

F R A N K S & E G G S $ 1 3
2 All-Beef Frankfurters, 2 Fried or
Scrambled eggs, Buttered Rye Toast & Jam

B E L G I A N W A F F L E S $ 1 2
Local Maple syrup, Raspberry Rote Grutze,
powdered sugar.

B R E A K F A S T S A N D W I C H $ 1 2
Toasted Rye, bacon, green tomato jam,
Emmentaler cheese, fried egg, dressed local
greens, served with Paprikash hash.

E U R O C O B B S A L A D $ 1 2
Roasted shredded chicken, Bavarian ham,
pickled red onion, cherry tomatoes, hard
boiled egg, Cambozola, whole grain
mustard vinaigrette.