With extraordinary events planned, the holidays are upon us, as is good food and drink. Our November Beer Club is no exception and falls on the infamous Black Friday- the day after Thanksgiving.

We are pairing a specialty Chimay strong ale with Moroccan Fish Tagine. An exceptional beer that is limited in its release and requires a dish just as special and unique. What is a tagine? It refers to the North African cookware traditionally made of clay or ceramic that cooks the succulent and slow-cooked food within the ceramic pot.

To cut through all that mouth-coating flavor of paprika, cayenne, citrus, and cumin, you need a beer that’s at once bitter, bright, and alcohol-dense. The subtle spice of Middle Eastern cuisine requires beers with a high alcohol percentage to increase the warmth that comes from the dish.

Most importantly, it is a dinner that celebrates the holidays and 150 years of the Trappist brewery, Bières de Chimay.

beer- 4pack $38.00
cod dinner 1 $20.00
cod dinner 2 $20.00
2 glasses $20.00
2 dessert $20.00
not include tax or tip $118.00
annual members $75.00
drop-in members $85.00