Der Braumeister’s New Year’s Eve Beer Club & Beer Pairing Dinner on Friday, December 31, not only pays homage to our deep-rooted tradition of beer but undeniably Cleveland’s beloved A Christmas Story.

The story of our featured beer starts with unquestionably on the world’s most intense doppelbock wheat beers. The creation of Schneider Weisse’s Eisbock was a happy accident. While transporting Aventinus in the cold winter, a barrel broke and froze. The result was high abv with complex layers of sweet and spice. The Aventinus Eisbock is a sought-after beer that is soft but distinct in plum, clove, and banana. Coupled with its exclusivity and vintage (2016), it makes the perfect beer to celebrate the New Year.

An exceptional beer deserves a special dinner; with this purpose in mind, we will recreate the spread from the treasured movie A Christmas Story, with a few minor adjustments. We will pair a Peking Duck with Eisbock beer on New Year’s Eve. The dinner will feature a whole natural Mallard duck, pumped with air to separate the skin from the fat, rub and marinated in Chinese spices, and roasted to create a harmonious caramelization. Not to mention, we will serve the dish with braised Nappa cabbage and buttered noodles.

Dinner for 2 $85 + tax + tip

Whole Peking Duck

Buttered noodles and braised cabbage

Two Aventinus Eisbock 2016

Two Schneider Weisse Glasswares

*a la carte pricing totals $106